Obsession with Looking Like a Doll or Anime Character

There’s a fast-growing fad among girls and young women to look like a doll or an anime (cartoon) character — in other words, inanimate objects.  This popular trend includes exaggerating the face (especially enlarging the eyes), dressing somewhat provocatively, enhancing the look of the body (getting plastic surgery, if possible), demonstrating a vacant stare and even sitting like a ball jointed doll or standing inside a doll box.  Apparently, this lifeless doll look has been around Asia for a number of years now; but it is fairly new to other parts of the globe.  To many, this is simply innocent, harmless fun.

However, other people are seriously concerned and alarmed about this fad.  They are asking why girls and young woman would want to imitate lifelessness.  What influences are at work here?  Have we grossly underestimated this kind of influence from the retail, music and fashion industries?  (It brings to mind this online article and also this one.)  If so, what might be the consequences?  Could this be a sign of transhumanism, mind control, and/or unhealthy sexuality?  Is this an off-shoot of the ever-popular fascination with hypnotism / mesmerism?  Check out the articles (with videos) and the video below, and then decide for yourself.

“Meet the real-life Barbies: Internet craze sees teenagers turn themselves into freakish living dolls”

“10 Most Doll-Like Photos of Venus Palermo, aka VenusAngelic”

“Real Life Human Barbie Doll”

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