Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: Dependency vs. Preparation

This video is a commentary defending “preppers” (those prepared emergencies):

This point about emergency preparedness is well made.  However, it’s the opinion of this blogger that this opinion comes across as a bit too harsh and insensitive about the general situation of those people on the US East Coast and the Caribbean, who have been left unprepared during this “storm of the century.”  A few of those people were prepared for a long-term emergency situation.  Many may only have prepared for the short number of days.  Yes, perhaps they were unrealistic and gullible to follow the minimum emergency guidelines they were given.  But, they may also have had limited space, limited financial resources and limited knowledge about full emergency preparation.  Other people without food and water lost their homes and possessions and are literally stranded.  Some lost family members and friends.  Of course, medication, disabilities, age, illness and cold weather are additional factors.  At least most of the people caught in Hurricane Sandy are surely in shock and grieving over a number of things.  Sorry, but this is not a simple story that can be summed up as “preppers vs. non-preppers.”  (Note:  This commentator is from InfoWars, which — not only offers free, regular online commentaries — but is also a business that sells bulk emergency prep supplies.)

Here’s an updated story (with photos) about the Hurricane Sandy situation:  “Sandy WAS more powerful than Hurricane Katrina – and it ranks as the second mightiest storm in modern history.”  And another story:  “Misery for 2.5 million STILL without power after six days as lawlessness and fear take over New York’s outer boroughs.”

Here’s an article on the same “prepper” subject by  “Liberal media, White House owes preppers and survivalists a massive apology in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy.”

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