Sun, Sea & Satan

The following is a video clip of a documentary about a children’s care home on the Isle of Jersey, a British Crown Dependency.  This documentary is an investigative piece about alleged sexual and physical abuse of children at this location, as well as torture, murder and possible Satanic ritual abuse.  This 2008 film is timely due to recent news about the pedophile Jimmy Savile, who regularly visited this same Jersey care home in Haut de la Garenne.

It has been said by some that these types of abuses are much more common than most know — around the globe and in epic numbers.  Some report that these acts are so well covered up and expertly denied, in fact, that stories like this appear false and fabricated to those who are simply un-informed or prefer to “hide their heads in the sand.”  Of course, these atrocities don’t just happen to innocent, helpless children — or to adults — in “care homes.”  They happen in all kinds of settings.

WARNING:  This video is labeled as an “An Uncensured Cutting Edge Adult Documentary.”  Due to the subject matter of the video, it’s not for the faint hearted — including the clip.  It contains occasional profane language and strong, emotional opinions.  This story can be triggering to those with a history of ritual or sexual abuse and is, therefore, not recommended for those individuals.

To view the full one-hour documentary, click Sun, Sea and Satan.  For an online article about the mysterious death of the director’s sister immediately after the release of this film, click here.  Below are just a handful of articles with victim accounts about this Isle of Jersey facility, dating from 2008 to November 2012:

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