Evil Mind Control of Children (and Adults)

This is a creative and very well-done animated short entitled, “The Forest,” which won “Staff Pick” on Vimeo.  It was “conceived, written, directed and animated” by the same person, David Scharf.  The film has an obvious theme about mind control through schooling, parental influences and television.

If you watch the film again, though, it can be viewed from a different, more sinister perspective.  In other words, it can, in fact, be interpreted as a story about trauma-based mind control.  This type of horrific abuse is also commonly referred to ritual abuse / mind control (RA/MC), Satanic ritual abuse (SRA), Monarch programming and MK-ULTRA.   Below is some research information gathered about trauma-based mind control.   This is only generalized information.  Reported results vary, and every victim’s situation is different.  So, you may want to research this subject yourself to check for accuracy and details.

First, Some Background on Trauma-Based Mind Control

As a very brief introduction, trauma- (torture-) based mind control has a long history that goes back to ancient times.  For at least decades now, we know that trauma-based mind control has been used in large measure on young children.  (Of course, it can and is being used on adults as well.)  It has been reported that age 3 is an ideal age to start administering this type of severe trauma (drugs, rape, physical torture, electro-shock, starvation, sensory deprivation, watching a murder and/or being forced to murder, etc.) in order to best apply mind control methods.  It is known that individuals from certain genders, cultures, personalities, and family lines tend to be better candidates for this special type of mind control.  Victims must be intelligent and able to dissociate for a successful outcome.  The intelligence of a child can be measured at an astonishingly young age, as can a child’s ability to dissociate.  The majority of these victims seem to be female, who some say are able to more easily dissociate than males.  Much of this knowledge comes from years of research, extensive experimentation and carefully gathered record keeping, such as through Nazi Germany.

So, then, how do any of these young children (and adults) end up in the hands of those who specialize in implementing trauma-based mind control techniques?  It only takes access, which can happen through people outside the home in trusted positions, such as at child daycare centers (or adults through their work).  Many young victims are reportedly from orphanages, foster homes or what can be referred to as slavery situations.  However, victims also come from multi-generational families of abuse.  The ugly truth is that some parents arrange for the trauma-based mind control of their own children — through their close affiliations with secret societies, cults, government groups, and others.  Some of these parents might only acquiesce after blackmail or other threats, while other adults seek to make these arrangements for children in their control.  These parents and other adults may be from middle-class, upper-class and even “elite” backgrounds.  Regardless of background, they are most likely victims themselves.

Mind Control Conveyed in “The Forest”

So, now, let’s look at a possible interpretation of the above film from a “trauma-based mind control” perspective, whether or not that was the real intent of the film.  At the beginning, we see an intelligent and consciously aware young girl.  She comes from an obviously strict family situation.  She naturally daydreams.   She naturally rebels, as healthy children do.  Then you see her receiving “treatments” while she lies on what appears to be a medical examination table.

The treatments can be perceived as the application of both drugs and electricity, which are commonly used in trauma-based mind control.  The treatment room has flooring of black and white squares, which is symbology used by Freemasonry and the Illuminati, both of which have been accused of using trauma-based mind control on large numbers of individuals.  You also see that treatment is being applied to the girl — and/or supervised by — an all white (head to toe) “doctor.”  This doctor has long pointed ears and the general appearance of a white rabbit.  In other words, this film appears to be describing trauma-based mind control with “Alice in Wonderland” programming.  (Other programming includes “Wizard of Oz” and current children’s movies.)

The girl courageously tries to escape but is captured.  Then you can see her tightly strapped into a chair in a location that looks institutional.  She calmly, unemotionally reports that she was “locked away for good.”  At the end, you see a large number of bubbles with her inside, which can be symbolic of her dissociated parts.  In other words, during her earlier “treatments,” the girl’s mind was intentionally splintered or fractured into countless different parts (alters).  When that happened, “handlers,” as well as her newly created alters, took control of her dissociated mind through the well-scripted programming “installed” inside her mind.

Life Following Monarch Programming

Thus begins a new life.  By the very nature of the mind control techniques used on her, this girl will have dissociated — perhaps countless times — and later been completely unaware that any of this ever even happened to her.  In other words, she was severely tortured and programmed to never remember the experiences that created the changes within her.  She is now formally referred to as a “mind-controlled slave,” a Monarch or MK (MK-ULTRA).

Essentially, this “slave” is no longer in control of her own life.  Instead, she is now owned by her “masters” / “handlers,” who decide how and when they will use her.  She does not realize she is a “slave”; and, therefore, she does not consciously recognize anyone as her “master” or “handler.”  She will not remember the things she does through programmed alters — against her free will, without her knowledge and even against her morality.   She might start missing time, but she may never notice that either unless it is pointed out to her.  Even then, she may immediately deny it through false memories or by forgetting what was just told to her.  She will be rather numb to her life, as her feelings and emotions have been walled off to a great extent.

This “slave” may look and act “normal” to everyone around her — and look and feel normal to herself.  However, she could also end up with different mental health diagnoses over her lifetime, such as anxiety, mood swings, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, PTSD, depression, suicidal ideation and DID (Dissociative Identify Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder).  As for multiple personalities, this is not what you ordinarily think of as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), as these trauma-based personalities have been expertly and methodically programmed into the victim — a mind control program (like a computer program), which was meant to never be discovered or undone by the victim… or anyone else for that matter.  In fact, these mind programs can be so complicated that the programmers are said to carefully record them so that handlers can consult notes to know what triggers (specific commands) are to be used on which victims.

Statistically, very few of these trauma-based mind control victims — those “thousands upon thousands upon thousands” around the globe — ever recover their memories of this abuse.  Even fewer are successful at escape.  Numerous safeguards (alter personalities) have been installed into victims’ minds that carefully self-monitor the victims and will continue to do so into adulthood and beyond.  If victims do try to escape, the programmed alters within will come forward with firm commands, such as “go back home” and “report to others.”  This last point could explain two scenes late in this film:  standing in front of the judge and then being strapped to the chair for more programming.  This could be self-monitoring by the girl’s own alters.  However, occasionally “slaves” are brought in by others to have their programming updated.

Safeguards to Trap Victims of Trauma-Based Mind Control

It is important to note that there is great stake by perpetrators to maintain the highest degree of secrecy about this type of mind control.  Therefore, “suicide programming” is a very real safeguard that can be expected in mind-controlled slaves.  In other words, alters can be activated to prevent slaves from escaping, which, at some point, will most likely include suicide programming.  This means that it can be extremely dangerous for victims of trauma-based mind control to even read or hear information about trauma-based mind control in general — but most especially to learn details about their own mind control — before they’re ready.  This can be a deadly serious situation for victims when they may be simply trying to find their own answers and to heal.

Interestingly, some victims won’t realize that they’re victims until they start to read or hear this mind-control material.  At that point, they may find themselves going into a fugue state (a blur), having to suddenly leave their current situation, experiencing a panic attack, crying for an unknown reason, hyperventilating, not being able to hear what someone is telling them and so on — during or immediately after contact with the material.  This may be their only tip off to possible mind control, other than missing time or what might seem like just odd memories that come and go on occasion.

Trauma-based mind control appears to be a huge underground operation.  By all accounts, it is still alive and thriving today but has gone deeper underground.  It’s somewhat understanding, then, that so many non-victims believe that victims are only recounting “false memories.”  This “false memory syndrome” is being actively promoted by those who have a huge self-interest in keeping these practices hidden.  Therefore, they seek the support of others in their endeavor to ridicule victims, ostracize them, and make them look “crazy,” as well as to attack anyone trying to help victims (such as therapists).  In fact, perpetrators can quickly get on the offensive and be overtly vicious to victims and their allies, which is, by the way, how perpetrators can be identified.  In the past, victims have received severe and deadly retaliation from their perpetrators when they’ve tried to talk.  For all of these reasons, most victims remain silent.

Of course it’s unpleasant to learn that torture like this really happens.  Perpetrators depend on people’s innocence and goodness, as well as their natural abhorrence to hear about this heinous subject, in order to guarantee mass ignorance and lack of victim support.  If perpetrators can do this to victims, then they can easily do this to others, too.   Therefore, this is good reason to take time to actually conduct some simple research on the subject.  Torture-based mind control has been reported and legally documented over the decades.  It’s public knowledge.  Numerous accounts about this type of abuse can very quickly and easily be found online.  As an example, a series of surveys from 2,000+ victims from 40 countries reporting this abuse can be found at Extreme-Abuse-Survey.net.  You might also check “media packet” information from a 2007 presentation about Torture-based, Government-sponsored Mind Control Experimentation on Children.  Or, you can check the S.M.A.R.T (Stop Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Today) website for extensive information, including current news.

Surviving and Healing

For victims/survivors of trauma-based mind control, healing is not easy or short.  The process of healing can be painful, to say the least, as horrific memories resurface and victims/survivors struggle to come to terms about all of it.  Victims/survivors have to be extremely cautious about who to confide in and where to go for help, for very good reasons.  For one, victims/survivors are usually programmed to “talk” and “report”; and the identity of the handler(s) may be unknown to the victims/survivors, at least for some time.  The handler(s) will surely include someone close to the victim/survivor, which could include family members, like parents or a spouse, or even friends.  Unknown triggers (commands) could be used on victims by handlers, which can be the cause for necessary caution.  So, in order to heal, victims/survivors will necessarily need to end some relationships or, at the very least, carefully separate from some individuals.  Of course, unfortunately, potential triggers are already everywhere in our environment.

In addition, when seeking outside help, it will quickly become obvious that most other people are totally unaware that any type of mind control exists.  Most people do not believe mind control could or would ever happen, especially trauma-based mind control.  They may very well be mind controlled themselves (although that may be “soft mind control” — not trauma-based mind control).  Therefore, they may simply refuse to listen or to help — when children or adults try to recount these types of experiences.  Unfortunately, most mental health professionals and medical doctors may also refuse to listen or to be helpful.  Because knowledge of these crimes has been so carefully guarded and covered up, victims/survivors can expect to be treated by most as “conspiracy nuts” or individuals with paranoid delusional disorder.  On the other hand, there are people who quietly know trauma-based mind control exists, some of whom are not allies.

There is help for those who want to go from “victim” to “survivor” status.  It is possible to survive and thrive!  There are therapists and others, who know about this and can and want to help.  Even if most therapists are unaware of this, there are some who are good therapists and who are willing to listen and to learn.  Four wonderful online resources for survivors are End Ritual Abuse (information, resources and support by a licensed psychologist known for her work in this arena), S.M.A.R.T (Stop Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Today) (articles, recorded talks and other resources), Survivorship (a survivor support group) and Ritual Abuse, Ritual Crime and Healing (a website with information and a list of resources).  These will help survivors to find vindication, information to “connect the dots” and resources to help heal.  This information is also intended for therapists.

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