Mermaids: Research and Theories

Mermaids are Real! is a surprising documentary about mermaids, which “may contain content only suitable for adults.”  This is the written introduction:

This video shows that mermaids are not just mythical creatures but real life women.  Like the Ama and Haenyo divers of Japan and Korea.

That introduction is as confusing as the direction this video takes at times.  Just the same, if you are interested in mermaids, you might well find this 1:24-minute film worthwhile.  It presents an amazing amount of mythology, as well as detailed historical and scientific research, from all over the world.  It surely covers about every possibility regarding the mystery of mermaids, except alien theory.

The film addresses mermaid sightings, breath-holding divers, Aquatic Ape vs. Savannah Theory, the role of natural water resources for our diet and healing, farmers vs. gatherers, changing of gender roles over history, witches and witch hunts, Excalibur and the Ladies of the Lake, and more.  It contains countless pictures, including old maps.  Many of the vintage paintings, vintage drawings and photos are graphic in nature (of unclothed or partially clothed women), which, in large part, appear relevant to this particular story.

Whether or not you’re a believer in real mermaids — and whether or not you agree with the concluding theory, this is an unusual and interesting film from beginning to end.

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  1. Hi!
    this link gives jungian insight. Under the title Individuation and the Individuation Process there is an article called Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid and the Repressed Elemental Anima. Worth checking.

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