Ritual Abuse & How to Heal (Jay Parker)

The following two videos are with Jay Parker at the 2011 Free Your Mind Conference.  Parker claims to come from a multi-generational Satanic family.  He also claims to be a survivor of Satanic ritual abuse.  In these videos, Parker bravely steps forward to share his own history, as well as insider information about dark occultism.  (By the way, he makes a distinction between “dark” and “light,” such as dark Illuminati and dark Masons vs. light Illuminati and light Freemasons.)  Parker also reports on conspiracies, the science behind Satanic ritual abuse, and unique healing modalities.  However, his stated purpose in sharing is more about how to heal from ritual abuse rather than about ritual abuse itself.

Parker’s information is fascinating.  He makes some remarkable statements.  If you are new to this kind of information, this will probably seem shocking, ridiculous, unbelievable and/or overwhelming.  Survivors of ritual abuse may not agree with all the conspiracies that Parker outlines.  However, survivors will agree that this is a rare confirmation of the reality of ritual abuse, as well as an interesting list of healing ideas.  For those who are only interested in consciousness-building and/or in conspiracies, Parker suggests those kinds of resources, too.

For more information, you might want to listen to the following podcasts on Mark Passio’s website, “What on Earth is Happening”:

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