Satanic Ritual Abuse: Is It Real?

This is an interview with Dr. Colin Ross, a psychiatrist, entitled, “Satanic Ritual Abuse:  Is It Real?  Psychology & Trauma.”  Before you view this video, it helps to be aware that therapists have been viciously attacked in the past — publicly, legally, professionally — for trying to help and/or advocate for victims of ritual abuse.  Therefore, today, licensed therapists are crystal clear that they take a “neutral” approach in therapy with anything possibly related to ritual abuse.

Also, it is public record that the CIA has a history for its decades-long involvement in mind control experimentation and projects.  This is quick and easy to verify.  By the way, ritual abuse is also referred to as “trauma-based mind control.”  Some people claim that ritual abuse (“trauma-based mind control”) can be connected — not only to secret societies but also — to the CIA and other government entities and officials.

Dr. Ross has extensive knowledge about both ritual abuse and the CIA’s history of mind control.  You might want to keep all of this in mind while you listen to this interview.

For more information, you might check out the website of The Colin A. Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma.

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