Russian Scientists Who Eat Radiation

Below is a highly unusual and startling interview with a couple from Russia, courtesy of Stewart Swerdlow at  In fact, this interview is eery and hair-raisingly bizarre.  As background, the couple, Ziria and Radium, report that they come Chernobyl, Urkraine.  This is a summary of the video from The Project Avalon Forum (member Ann444):

This is an interview with a young Russian couple, both scientists, who have been exposed to radiation and now need radiation to live.  It has changed them physically, they can no longer tolerate normal food, but need to ingest radiation.  They have numerous gifts like remote viewing and seeing into any human or object and gleaning information and knowing the truth about that person/object.  There is much more here…..

This is the description from

It is rare when something you would only hear about in science-fiction comes to life.  But, in this story that you are about to see, fact is stranger than fiction!  Please listen to this incredible couple as they describe their life with radiation and discuss their hardships with authorities.  They need all the help that can be given.  Imagine what benefits to mankind that they could provide if given that chance.

This interview is difficult to categorize.  It covers the nature of radiation, this couple’s radiation studies, Universal language, spheriods, embodiment/auras, and more.  Interestingly, as you watch the video, you are eventually shown a clear view of the Illuminati “one eye” pendants worn by the couple.  On the couple’s Facebook page, Spouses Irradia (if you have a Facebook account in order to access it), note their profile picture of “one eye,” as well as their listed political view of “Illuminati.”  On both the video and their facebook page, they mention MKUltra vs. other, better methods of extracting sensitive information.  The couple also make clear their desire to leave Russia to work for intelligence groups (apparently anywhere).  On their Facebook page, you might find Irradia’s Notes interesting, such as the one about “Vision of Lucifer”. Part 1. (Creativity / prose).

This is a fascinating interview!  Just the same, this blogger delayed posting this information due to nagging questions about validity and intent.  In other words, is this true, helpful and/or important information; or is it dark and dangerous dis-information?  You be the judge.

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3 Responses to Russian Scientists Who Eat Radiation

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  2. rollsthepaul says:

    We do not know if this is a hoax or not. I believe Swerdlow is an agent of disinfo and no one knows anything about this couple. The two things we need to get are evidence of their claims and by that I mean some double blind experiments, with them as the subjects and this must be done by an objective outside reliable person, such as Courtney Brown; “prove it” and “show me”, should be on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

  3. Eve Lorgen says:

    I actually left a comment in the form of a question on the original youtube clip but it never was “approved”. I asked if these people were or claimed to be alien-human hybrids, in particular– Draco-human hybrids in some black op project or something. I also asked “Are they healthy?” The reason I asked about the Draco hybrid question is because a former milab client said that Dracos in particular need radiation like we need air to breath to manifest. They thrive on radiation. Not only this but supposedly there are humans or “human-alien hybrids” who are radiation resistant and created this way on purpose by the secret gov/alien liasons. They use these people, according to my milab client, to do various jobs in silos and radiation clean up work, like black ops or secret clearance kinds of jobs. Proof? Well I don’t have any other than someones word. But this Russian couple is trying to market or solicit themselves as good “psychics” for some intel agency to pick up. Not smart. They would never get paid! Nope–they’d just get abducted and used like the others who are slaves.

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