Going Against the “Evil” Music Industry?

Below is a music video, “Fatty Boom Boom,” by Die Antwoord, a group out of South Africa.  (“Die” is correctly pronounced “Di” with a short i.)  This is an outrageous music video!  You may be tempted to watch it more than once 1) due to disbelief and 2) in order to catch everything!  Be forewarned, though, that Die Antwoord music videos can be considered blatantly Satanic, Illuminati, and crude with sex and profanity.  OK, well, let’s be “real” here.  That’s certainly not anything new from today’s entertainment industry…  However, Die Antwoord is also referred to as fresh, original, and high energy (and Satanic, profane and twisted).  And they have a growing fan base.

“Fatty Boom Boom” is both hilarious and really weird.  Some viewers may feel discomfort and taken aback (initially anyway) by the alternating black / white racial depictions.  But, what’s especially interesting about this particular video — and why it’s posted on this website — is what appears to be an open attack on the “machine” behind the giant music industry (“evil thing”) and toward specific music entertainers.  Or is it really?  You are referred to the article at the bottom by Vigilant Citizen (VC), which provides some background on Die Antwoord and this video.  The VC article asks intelligent questions about what might really be happening in the video.  Yes, you’re probably going to need some background info on this one…

Is Die Antwoord’s “Fatty Boom Boom” Going Against the “Evil” Music Industry?

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