“Just, Melvin: Just Evil” – A Family’s Story of Incest

Below is an award-winning documentary about incest.  The film includes candid interviews with real family members.  Yes, this film can be raw, gritty and difficult to watch in places.  However, it’s also a very insightful film about an important topic.  It shows the different types of destruction incest can have on different family members.  In addition, it reveals the loyalty and conflicting emotions of family members…. because a family member that they trusted and loved (and may still love) was the perpetrator.

To say the least, this is a sensitive topic about a complicated situation.  It must be noted that these are extremely brave family members, who were willing to share their personal stories for the benefit of viewers.  Of course, incest happens in all kinds of families — even “the very best” of families.

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One Response to “Just, Melvin: Just Evil” – A Family’s Story of Incest

  1. irebel says:

    Astounding documentary. My heart goes out to every member of that family. I would bury him the same way.

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