Aliens and the Vatican 2013

This is an interesting video taken from YouTube.  It’s a conspiracy theory that the Vatican has been carefully aligning itself with alien disclosure…. and why.

As a side note, the photo before the start of the video is startling.  It’s assumed it’s a photo manipulation (photoshopped).

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“LUCIFER is helping Vatican astronomers look for extraterrestrials?”

“THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL IS MY BROTHER,” Father Funes, Argentinian Jesuit director of Vatican Observatory, Rome.

“Why the Vatican Held a Conference on Extra-terrestrial Life.”

Membership in the Catholic church is huge (“the largest “denomination” of any religion on the planet”), so it’s very interesting to note how many Catholics seem to be totally unaware of the 2009 Vatican conference on extraterrestrial life, the recent comments from the Vatican around ET’s or even that there is a Vatican observatory with different telescopes and staff astronomers.  But, in their defense, most people may not be paying attention…. because how many religions talk about both God and ET’s?!  We’re not used to that!  We’ve been carefully taught by religion and government that ET’s don’t exist (except to crazy people), so that’s very confusing, eh?  And, by the way, who are these ET’s???  Perhaps the bigger questions is, which “god” are we referring to in these different ET-related conversations???

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