Another Teacher Resignation on YouTube

This video, entitled “In Pursuit of Happiness,” is a public resignation from Ellie Rubenstein, a 4th grade school teacher in New York.  She resigned after working as a public school teacher for 15 years, and she posted her resignation on YouTube.  In the video, she outlines the reasons for her resignation, which, by the way, are very common complaints by teachers today.

Here is an article with more information behind this teacher’s resignation.  There’s also another YouTube teacher resignation on this website.  For more conspiratorial view about the direction of today’s schools, check out John Taylor Gatto and Charlotte Iserbyt.

Most likely, the reason Rubenstein could come forward like this was because of her 20-year business background.  The clear majority of teachers would not / will not normally make this kind of complaint public.  However, you can be certain that they respect and thank the bravery of teachers like this who can reach out to let others know about some of the troubling issues that teachers face in the public school system today.

The public school system has been broken for years — for  teachers, students and students’ families.  (Understand that students are generally not happy either.)  And the situation is expected to get worse before it ever gets better.  If you would like to know about how the system might be fixed, try checking on Sir Ken Robinson.  You can find one of his presentations on the subject on this websiteKhan Academy also has some good ideas about a probable future direction for education.

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