More Pedophilia Claims in Great Britain

This is a continuing story of accusations about pedophilia and cover up in England.  The person talking with reporters is Bill Maloney.  This story is of major proportion and keeps revealing with what appears to be a bottomless pit of horrific acts against innocent children.  Of course, this is not just a story about England — this also goes on in the United States and elsewhere.

Here’s another video about the same.  You want also want to check out the story, “Sun Sea Satan” on this website.

If we don’t stand up — whether we have children or not, then this evil will surely continue.  These pedophiles depend on our apathy and disbelief.  These child victims (and survivors) belong to ALL of us!  So, why not research some of the names and events you hear in this clip, like Max Clifford, Jonathan King and Jimmy Savile.  Another name is Ben Fellows, a whistle-blower whose life was threatened and who is now missing.  Check out these stories yourself!

These pedophiles have an extensive and highly powerful underground network.  These psychopathic predators are deadly serious about their insatiable pedophile needs and wants.  They’re getting away with unconscionable child abuse, and they have a variety of ways to maintain their secrets.

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