Hollywood Victims of MK-Ultra

This is a nicely done video about MK-Ultra, especially considering its short length of 5 minutes.  An important correction, though, needs to be made, which is below.

The creator of this video talks about people who have “signed away their soul.”  OK, yes, a few surely do “sell their souls.”  However, although some people may agree to this, they also may not fully realize what they’re really agreeing to.  In fact, they may not understand the serious ramifications at all.  Anyone who is aware of Holy text might recall something along the lines that Satan “is a liar and the father of all lies.”

Also, some people are duped or forced into this and NEVER agree to it.  Some very young children are given or forced over to these “elite” by parents or guardians.  Many times these children come through a multi-generational family of “trauma-based mind control” victims.

So, you are warned to be wary of the usual “blame the victim” mentality.  Although this video depicts these “Monarch” victims in a rather positive and forgiving light, the usual tendency is to persecute and vilify the victims however and whenever possible.  You see, that throws the scent off the real perpetrators.

Those responsible for programming victims (the “elite” who hire the programmers) are not willing to tell their secrets of what, how or when.  But, if you know what you’re looking for, the signs are there.  There’s a LOT more of this than you surely suspect — and it’s not all in Hollywood (and in politics).  The “genius” of this type of mind control — the “Manchurian Candidate” — is that victims are all kinds of people and at all levels.

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