“Day 6” – Aliens Are Inside Us

What Sci-Fi Never Conceived:  The Truth
Day 6
Aliens Are Inside Us….

That is the wording from the opening page of the “Day 6” movie website.  Another quote from this movie is “Aliens won’t come from the sky, because they are already inside of us…”  If you know anything about the work of Dr. Corrado Malanga, then this will make sense.  It also makes sense if you think of aliens and “demons” as one and the same.  However, “Day 6” is expected to be a mind twister for most, as it approaches the alien story from a very different direction than the usual.

Be sure to view the movie website for some remarkable images of aliens.  You might also check out DEUSFILM.com.

Some of us have known about this Italian-language film for at least 2 years now and have been patiently waiting for it to become available in our language.  The English release is currently being negotiated, per the hard-working filmmaker/writer/director, Varo Venturi.

Interestingly, this film already has a history of sabotage.  The “Day 6” website (see Behind the Film), reports “a heavy, mysterious sabotage occurred during   the screenings in cinemas, which confirms the truthfulness of the film contents.”  According to Venturi in a communication with this blogger, that sabotage included a “sly censorship-cut of 15 minutes directly in projection!”  Now, that’s a huge cut!  Apparently, that censorship created a number of rumors in Italy.

Here is a synopsis of film taken from the “Day 6” website.

“Dr. Davide Piso, a courageous scientist, has been studying thousands cases of alien abductions, obtaining the unsettling thesis that some extraterrestrial races install their active memories in the abducted people’s brains, in order to completely exploit a special human energy that he defines as the ‘Soul.’

Driven by the ideal to free the humanity, with the help of his faithful équipe, he has developed an extraordinary technique in which the abductees, under hypnosis, can relive their abduction experiences, giving him the chance to expel the ‘parasites.’

But when he will decide to help Saturnia, a seductive 18 y.o. girl that believes she has been abducted, and is clearly attracted by Davide, he will have to face an insurmountable problem.  Once hypnotized, Saturnia will not leave the trance condition anymore, giving place to Hexabor of Ur — an entity coming from ancient Mesopotamian breeds — that states to be the first of his race that can totally “inhabit” a human body, and is now ready to lead the final invasion, to which the mankind was genetically prepared.

The discovery that Saturnia’s parents belong to black aristocracy, and would like to have back their daughter but with the entity inside, will push the scientist to hold the girl, constantly sedating her, in the attempt to gain time and find a solution.  But this will be considered a kidnapping, provoking the intervention of secret services that will throw Davide and his team in Rome, running against time, trapped in a mysterious international intrigue…

Here, in a ghostly Caput Mundi, the coming on the scene of Father Trismegisto — an enigmatic Jesuit exorcist that will guide Davide through mysteries hidden at the edge between science and religion — will take the scientist to conceive a revolutionary solution: a technological exorcism that could free Saturnia from her alien/demon, by now at his 6th day of ‘life.’  But could this even free the entire mankind?”

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