Aliens & Gaining Consciousness – Dr. Malanga (Parts 9-14)

This posting contains Parts 9-14 of Dr. Corrado Malanga’s talk on “Aliens and Gaining Consciousness.”  In these, Malanga talks about why aliens abduct people.  It’s an amazing story!  This is a continuation of an earlier posting on this website.  (Parts 15-25 are not yet available in English.)

Malanga comes from a science background, so some of his information is scientific at times.  If you love science, this can be fun!  If you’re not inclined in that way, just hang in, as the information he shares is still interesting and sometimes startling.  For example, he talks about how only about 20% of the human population has a soul.  Then he explains why this happens.  You may naturally question Malanga on some things (although he has apparently been a careful researcher), but some of it is an entirely new perspective on both “aliens” and humans.

The video links are below, starting with Part 9.  To view them in English, just click the CC at the bottom right of the video screen.  You can also view all 14 of these — in different language translations — through Stop Alien Abductions.

Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, and Part 14

If you’re interested in aliens, Malanga offers very interesting information — in the videos above and elsewhere — that you’ll have difficulty finding anywhere else.  Understand that Malanga’s definition of “aliens” (ET’s / extraterrestrials) also covers demons and other inter dimensional beings / entities.  So, whether you (or someone you know) are being “alien abducted” or “spiritually attacked,” you might want to look into Malanga’s work.  Although his processes for stopping alien abductions (demonic attacks) might seem difficult to understand online, they DO work; and he offers FREE assistance (even at long distance).

Dr. Corrado Malanga has different websites, and Flash Mental Simulation is one of them.  Check it out!  For more about the Stop Alien Abductions website, here is an interesting resource page on that site.  You can also find this group on Facebook and Twitter.

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