Marilyn Monroe: The Original Hollywood Mind Control Slave

Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jeane Mortenson), was a Hollywood celebrity, who died on August 5, 1962.  Even 40 years later, there’s disagreement about the cause of her death.  There’s continued interest in her life and mourning about the loss of her.  There are constant iconic look-alikes.

Insiders whispered long ago about the controllers around Marilyn, as well as her mental status.  These same rumors have persisted all these years.  Therefore, it’s interesting to learn more about the theory that Marilyn was an abused “mind control” slave, which many already assume.  Read about it below in an excellent two-part article by the author of Vigilant Citizen, a self-professed “truth seeker.”  (Also, be sure to see the many reader comments below each installment!)

“The Hidden Life of Marilyn Monroe, the Original Hollywood Mind Control Slave (Part-I)”

“Marilyn Monroe is possibly the most iconic figure in American culture and the most recognizable sex symbol of all times.  However, behind Monroe’s photogenic smile was a fragile individual who was exploited and subjected to mind control by powerful handlers.  The first part of this two-part series will look at the hidden life of Marilyn, a Hollywood Monarch slave.”

“The Hidden Life of Marilyn Monroe, the Original Hollywood Mind Control Slave (Part-II)”

In the second part of this two part series, we’ll look at the end of Marilyn Monroe’s career and the circumstances around her death – all of which were typical for a victim of mind control.  We will also examine her legacy in the shady MK Ultra underworld and how she became a symbol for Monarch Programming in Hollywood.”

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