Monarch Mind Control – Kerli’s Music Videos

If you know about Monarch (trauma-based) mind control programming, then Kerli’s videos are very obvious in their symbology.  Two of her videos are below.  The first one, “Love is Dead,” is haunting and sad.  Through videos such as these, “controllers” are communicating (bragging?) to others “in the know” (wink wink) about their Monarch victims.

In fact, Monarch symbology is SO obvious in Kerli’s videos that it’s painful to watch IF you know what you’re looking at in these scenes…. and care about Monarch victims.  Monarchs may look “happy,” but that doesn’t mean they’re even aware of what they’re doing or saying at times.  Essentially, they’re puppets.

Of course, these kinds of videos have a direct mind control effect on other Monarchs.  They also have a “soft” mind control effect on others — most especially on young impressionable viewers.  You can find this same Illuminati / Monarch symbology in Kerli’s other videos, as well as on Kerli’s Facebook page…. and, for that matter, repeating throughout the media and entertainment business.  If you’re new to the symbology, then you might check out the links at the bottom for some interpretations of her videos.

Surely NOT coincidental, Kerli just happens to have a video about Alice in Wonderland, a story which has been commonly used in Monarch programming for decades now.  Kerli’s “Tea Party” video is jam-packed with Illuminati / Monarch symbology and  triggers.

“Kerli’s Creepy Video About Mind Control”

“Kerli’s Tea Party Analysis”

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