Hollywood MK Deception (Parts 1-10)

These are interesting and entertaining videos by Esoteric Kitten.  She describes torture-created mind control through a process known as trauma-based mind control, Monarch programming and several other names.

Perpetrators try to hide this kind of unspeakable abuse; and the victims can’t remember their torture or their slave-control commands due to the severity of their abuse and the complexity of the programming.  But, through these videos, Esoteric Kitten tries to teach you the clues to watch for.  Again, this doesn’t just happen to Hollywood “celebrities” and other high-profile people….

WARNING:  These videos can be very triggering for survivors of ritual abuse / mind control.  If you are a survivor and decide to view them, do so with extreme caution.  You may also want to watch them with someone you trust.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3,

Part 4:  “Religious Programming”

Part 5:  “Hollywood Handymen”

Part 6:  “Hollywood Hologram”

Part 7:  “Look Closer”

Part 8:  “Virtually Reality”

Part 9:  “Programming Inside Production”

Part 10:  “Hollywood Upgrades Up For Grabs”

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