How Satanic / Illuminati Forces Keep the Earth in Turmoil

In this hour or so interview by Alfred Webre, Jay Parker shares his knowledge of the “Satanic” / Illuminati agenda in the US and across the world.  Parker claims to be a survivor of a multi-generational Satanic / Illuminati family, who ritually abused him as a child.  By speaking publicly, his intent is to make people more aware and to try to stop the current course of world events.

To be certain, this can be considered a “gold mine” of interviews.  There aren’t many interviews at all that pull together a historical perspective such as this on mind control, cults, governments, banking systems, religion, our current health and food/water situation, the “elite” (Illuminati) agendas, Freemasonry,  Satanists, Nazi’s, pedophilia, missing children and more.  Parker is one of those extremely rare “insiders” who offers this type of “connect the dots” information, however difficult it is to hear.  In the end, he offers healing ideas for those with “Monarch” (trauma-based mind control) programming.

WARNING:  In some places, especially toward the end of this interview, details about the horrific abuse and killing of children is SO candid that some listeners will have great difficulty with the content.  Just the same, the type of inhumanity Parker describes is a known fact, which has been documented around the world and throughout time.

If you’re interested in more from Jay Parker, you can find him on this website and elsewhere on the Internet.  Alfred Webre’s website is Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe.  It’s packed with interesting information!

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