Hollywood MK Deception (Parts 11-21)

Below are more videos by Esoteric Kitten.  If you missed the previous Parts 1-10, you can find that posting here.

WARNING:  These videos can be very triggering for survivors of ritual abuse / mind control.  If you are a survivor and decide to view them, do so with extreme caution.  You may also want to watch them with someone you trust.

Part 11:  “Down the Rabbit Hole”

Part 12:  “Generation Next”

Part 13:  “Endorsement Re-Enforcement”

Part 14:  “Double Talk”

Part 15:  “Return to Oz”

Part 16:  “Perception Control”

Part 17:  “Ritual”

Part 18:  “Holidaze”

Part 19:  “Hollywood MK Deception Series”
NOTE:  Part 19 is an exact duplicate of the first unnumbered video in this series.

Part 20:  “In Plain Sight”

Part 21:  “Double Cross”

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