Hollywood MK Deception (Parts 22-29)

The videos below are by Esoteric Kitten.  Check this website for Parts 1-10 and Parts 11-21.

MK-Ultra is “trauma-based mind control,” which has a number of different names other than MK-Ultra.  It involves the infliction of brutal, extensive torture for the purpose of total slave-control.  It has a very long history.  Due to the severe nature of this type of torture, the victims’ minds naturally split.  Their minds are then programmed.  Victims do not consciously remember anything about their torture.  They do not realize they’re now under someone else’s control.  This been happening to people all around you — to infants and children…. and not just in Hollywood.  It’s still happening.

WARNING:  These videos can be very triggering for survivors of ritual abuse / mind control.  If you are a survivor and decide to view them, do so with extreme caution.  You may also want to watch them with someone you trust.

Part 22-a:  “The Products”

Part 22-b:  “Twinning”

Part 23 – “From Light to Dark”

Part 24:  “Breaking the Boys”

Part 25:  “All the World’s a Stage”

Part 26:  “Triggers”

Part 27:  “Starts With One”

Part 28:  “The Abused”

Part 29-a:  “Multiple Personality in the Media”


These videos tend to disappear from time to time.  If you have trouble accessing any of them, you might also check:

This website has 17 of the videos with interesting, descriptive information for each.

Esoteric Kitten’s website, which is a “mother load” of these videos and much more.  However, the website may be difficult and time consuming to open.


Hollywood MK Deception on YouTube (EsotericKitten2)

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