The Secret About the Men in Black (Russian Documentary)

This Russian documentary is actually much more than just about the infamous “Men in Black.”  It details a history of space programs and extraterrestrials going back more than a half-century.  It addresses government involvement and asks questions about the intent of aliens and governments, including human/ET collusion.  The content also includes media influences, alien abductions, an alleged captured alien, references to alien bases in the US and on Mars, strange clouds, unsuccessful military attacks on alien spaceships, and alien interference with a Russian nuclear missile system.

The video does not give definitive answers; but, instead, it offers interesting video clips, eye witness accounts,  and other information.  (Note that there are several odd places in the film with no English subtitles.)  Overall, this is an entertaining documentary from a Russian perspective, even if you know much or all of this.

Thank you to:  Open Your Mind (Internet) Radio

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