Leadership Lessons From a Dancing Guy

This was filmed at the Sasquatch music festival in 2009.  Different versions of same video (like this one) continue to receive an amazing number of hits and comments on YouTube, even this week.  In addition, you can find online articles about the leadership lessons to be learned from this video — both pro and con.  These “lessons” are being seriously discussed in high school and college classes and in company training courses.  They’re surely being discussed in psychology, sociology and other arenas as well.  But, after seeing longer versions of this video, like here and here, below are humorous YouTube comments that eventually placed this posting under a “Political Comedy” category on this website:

“It’s like I’m watching a nature show.”
“It’s like a National Geographic documentary…”
“One man on drugs really can change the world!”
“It always helps if your followers are drugged.”

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