Brazil’s Roswell: UFO Sightings in Colares (1977)

This documentary provides an interesting account of the numerous UFO sightings in 1977 on the Island of Colares in Brazil.  It’s from the UFO Files TV program, “Brazil’s Roswell.”  (Elsewhere on YouTube, this same video is entitled, “Aliens Killing Human Beings – A Very Rare, Yet Documented Case”).

The 1977 UFO sightings and radiation attacks on the local people of Colares were well-documented by a doctor and different government officials.  This four-month series of events was so significant that it’s STILL being discussed today!  It’s uniqueness includes the sheer number of UFO sightings (literally hundreds), the wide variety of space craft that were seen and photographed, the open attacks on people (resulting in at least two deaths), and the actual alien beings that were reported.  In addition, there were reportings of unusual maneuvers of the space craft, an effort to cover up all UFO-related activities and the questionable “suicide” of an investigator (Captain Hollanda).

This “Colares flap” was only part of the sightings that went on in northern Brazil for nearly two years in 1977-1978.  The documentary below, though, focuses on the Colares story, including witness accounts, photos, and drawings.

For a brief written account, you might check this MUFON page, “UFO’s Filmed Entering and Leaving Bay.”  Another quick Internet source is David Icke’s website, Thread #519, which gives links to the very interesting and well-respected Brazilian UFO Magazine website.  Unfortunately for most of us, that website is written in Portuguese.  Most of the website’s information is not allowed to be cut/paste for an online translation.  However, there’s much more info about this all over the Internet and elsewhere!

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