Healing Through “Earthing”

As crazy as “earthing” (touching the earth) might sound, I recommend that you keep an open mind and try it.  For most of human existence over the eons, humans slept and walked on the earth.  Living in houses off the ground and walking in rubber soled shoes is a recent phenomenon — supposedly a sign of wealth and higher civilization.  However, some will argue it’s no wonder that we now have so much illness and why our bodies aren’t better able to take care of us!

Earthing is so simple and so very inexpensive (free), and the results can be actually be felt.  Just be mindful to avoid putting your skin on anything that contains toxic chemicals, such as a lawn where weed killers or other chemicals were used.  The same goes for toxic bodies of water.  Of course, you could always hug a tree that’s connected to the earth…. and just go out beyond your lawn into nature, eh?  😉

You might check out “What is Earthing?” from The Earthing Institute.

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