Teletubbies: Mind-Control and Programming (Stewart Swerdlow)

“Teletubbies is a part of life for children all over the world.

Set in magical Teletubbyland, Teletubbies uses bright colours, engaging stories and fun games, to which even the youngest child can relate.  Based on a fundamental understanding of how very young children develop, Teletubbies allows young children to feel happy and secure.  From babies to toddlers, children love Teletubbies and Teletubbies love children.  Their appeal lies in their unique ability to create an environment within which children can have fun and grow with confidence.”

Think really young children aren’t capable of absorbing televised information?  Observe this 3-month-old child watching Teletubbies:

“How we made: Teletubbies” – The Guardian, June 3, 2013

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