Disney: Accusations of Satanism, Pedophilia & More

Disney is considered the “gold standard” of wholesome children’s entertainment around the world.  Or is it?  This posting addresses some of the controversy and serious complaints about Disney, which have been ongoing for decades now.  This is surface information only.  You are encouraged to conduct your own research.

From the website, American Patriot News:  Disney and the Dark Manipulation of the Young Mind

The speaker is Josue Yrion, a Christian evangelist:

Article from the Atlantean Conspiracy:  “Disney Racism, Sexism, Satanism, and Pedophilia”

A thread from the website, ATS Above Top Secret:  “Does Disney endorse pedophilia? You be the judge. ** Warning: image may be offensive **”

I believe this is the missing photo at the start of that thread:

Donald Duck Ride

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