Common Symbology in the Music Industry

This video contains a very nice collection of images and hand signals commonly used in the music business.  Although this information is not new, it’s still amazing to see how many times — and where — the same symbols and signals are repeated over and over.  You may be tempted to slow things down by stopping the video from time to time.  Some young(er) people won’t even recognize some of these music labels, which just goes to show how many decades the same symbology has been used in the music business.

As an interesting observation, this video seems longer than expected; and it’s timing is a bit odd in places.  Before you see it, you might check my WARNING below.

WARNING:  This video is reluctantly offered on this website.  The message seems straight forward enough — allegedly a positive one for those who want to avoid, be aware of and/or “fight evil.”  However, unfortunately, this is the type of video (a purposeful distraction?) — like much of public entertainment these days — where you will need to wear your “spiritual protection” while watching.  If you’re spiritually weak and easily influenced, then it’s best to avoid this video (and TV, music videos, advertisements, movies, electronic games, toys, etc.) altogether…. or just quickly skip through the video to gather the overall idea.

Also, I do NOT endorse the website (Church of that you can find listed below this video on the YouTube website, which appears to be the publisher.  In fact, if you’ve been studying occult (means “hidden”) symbology (which I highly recommend!), then you know immediately that the first tip-off is in the name of that website.  Of course, the opening page of the website reflects the hate  and spiritual confusion that’s already clearly identified in the website’s name.  Near the bottom of the page, you’ll find this statement:  “Please contact us at for any questions or comments.”

Regardless of that website, in my humble opinion, I believe that what you’re viewing through the video above is actually a “bait and switch scheme” (including some “magick” and hypnotism) — except, ultimately, it’s not about your money.  And it’s done all the time.  It’s all around, so it’s virtually impossible to avoid…. unless you live isolated in the woods with no electricity.  This is just another example.

To recognize and understand occult symbols whenever you see them will greatly minimize their influence (spell) on you.  Knowing about occult (hidden) symbology does not automatically imply using it in dark, nefarious ways.  Instead, the information can be used to identify the “hidden” and to protect you and your family.  But that means your studies need to include “occult (hidden) symbology.”  Those who align with Satanic and Luciferian doctrines learn, understand and actively use dark occult symbology.  They do the same with “black magick.”  So, why is it that “good,” spiritual people — who want to keep their souls intact — do not know about this hidden information and, in fact, avoid it altogether?   Hmmm.  “You’ll never see it coming.”  “Sheeps to the slaughter.”  Psychopaths and other predators depend upon ignorant, hypnotized sheep….

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