Advertisements: Use of Subliminal Messages to Deceive

Think businesses quit using subliminals in their ads and other marketing campaigns?  Surprise!  They’re still doing it!  Think you’re immune to subliminal messages?  If so, then I highly recommend these video clips to you, “The Leaked Ad Training Document,” by Nathan Bell.  Bell reads from a training manual that somehow found its way outside of the company marketing Kent Cigarettes.

“I expose some of the leaked ad training manual.  This includes color illustrations and photos detailing the HELL-SELL method of advertising.  This explains some of the Satan/Death subliminal embeds in advertisements.”

Of course, these are older, less sophisticated techniques.  Just the same, this information gives you insight into the purposeful deception and psychopathic philosophy behind it all.

Part 2:  The Great Subliminal Message Deception, The Leaked Ad Training Document

Here’s the entire documentary (almost 2 hours long), which goes beyond just advertisements:  The Great Subliminal Message Deception – Full Documentary

For more information, check out these Internet sites by the same person, Nathan Bell:
– YouTube Channel – RealityInTruth
– Website – Lost Treasures Online

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