Fukushima and the “Broken” Pacific Ocean

First, as background, below are two maps, which were posted on the Internet after the Fukushima accident.  (The second one was posted on this website this past August.)  Both maps raised a huge alarm to people outside Japan, but these maps have since been debunked.  One of the debunking sources was Snopes.com:  “Nuclear Fallout Map” and “Fukushima Emergency,” respectively.  (By the way, how reliable and unbiased are Snopes.com and these other debunkers??)

So, now, there’s recent news about the sailor who made a trip across the Pacific Ocean and came back in shock stating, “The ocean is broken.”  He reported a noticeable lack of ocean life and large amounts of debris between the US and Japan.  In case you haven’t seen it yet, the original article is  “The Ocean is Broken” from the Newcastle Herald, October 18, 2013.

And, on October 23, 2013, there was an interesting update, which connected this sailor’s story to the Fukushima disaster, in other words, “the elephant in the room,” as the saying goes:

Sailor’s horrific Pacific journey goes viral, smashes record — Picked up by The Guardian, USA Today, many more… All fail to mention ongoing crisis at Fukushima, by far world’s largest release of radioactivity into ocean.

So, what’s really true?  How much is true?  There continue to be conflicting stories and a great deal of black-out on this situation, as well as obvious cover ups.  It’s very difficult for a lay person to decipher the situation and to know what’s really going on.  Still, for the past 2-1/2 years, there have been consistently disturbing reports about the ongoing Fukushima accident from different sources.  HOWEVER, I humbly suggest that we restrain from anger and fear and rather focus our minds and souls on how we can change things for the positive.  Yes, there are ways, even prayer and meditation — not focusing on loss and hopelessness but instead on helping our neighbors and on nuclear clean up.

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