Fukushima – Seeking H-E-L-P !, even from Extraterrestrials….

“No One Is Watching” is an informative update on Fukushima by Dr. Sircus.  Interestingly, the following is a quote from the Special Note at the end of the article:

“Now that we have really blown it on the nuclear front, why don’t we call on the alien races that now officially are declared to live among us to help us in our need?  If they are supposed to be so superior, let them go over to Fukushima and clean up the mess.  What trip they are into playing hide and seek with us is beyond me, but the game is over and all intelligent life on this planet needs to come together to not let the worst-case scenario in Fukushima happen.”

Out of respect for Dr. Sircus, this was most likely tongue-in-cheek; but it’s an interesting concept just the same, especially since no one yet has resolved this major disaster that’s been going on for 2-1/2 years.  Will they ever?   Of course, many people believe in aliens and have been hoping for years that they’ll intervene on humanity’s behalf.  So, if aliens do exist, are we referring to “good aliens” or “evil aliens”?  (There are certainly not just “good aliens.”)  Additionally, wouldn’t it be interesting indeed if Armageddon is actually the site of the Fukushima disaster, while people have been mistakenly looking toward the Middle East….

OK, so I digressed a bit….  To get back on track, Dr. Sircus has since put out another informative article, “Big Trouble From Fukushima.”  You might also view the video, “Japanese Prime Minister Asks World For Help With Fukushima!,” with Arnie Gunderson and Naoto Kan, Japan’s Former Prime Minister.  One of the introductory statements in this  video is,

“For activists and environmentalists concerned with the danger of nuclear power, the ongoing crisis at Fukushima represents their greatest fear:  an uncontrollable and seemly permanent disaster.”

It’s very interesting to watch and listen to both Kan and Gunderson.  The video includes a short discussion about the lessons learned from the Fukushima accident, as there are nuclear plants all over the world — a high number in the US, any of which could be a future “Fukushima” or “Chernobyl” nuclear accident.  Alternative sources for energy were also discussed.

For more information about Fukushima, nuclear energy and alternative energy sources, check out Arnie Gunderson’s website and Dr. Helen Caldicott’s Tweets and website.  The website, Fukushima Facts, has some very interesting information, including videos, maps and live cams.  RadChick Radiation Research & Mitigation on Facebook is another interesting source.  Dr. Sircus and Mike Adams at NaturalNews.com regularly (and candidly) write about Fukushima and related health concerns.  There are a number of other reliable sources as well, all of which tend to come under the “alternative information” umbrella.  In other words, you have to search for them, mostly likely far beyond your television.

Again, I offer a humble warning against getting fixated on the negative “doom and gloom” and becoming paralyzed with fear.  Instead, I suggest focusing on the positive, such as actively helping where you can and also praying / meditating.  This can be a time to create wonderful opportunities!

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