Halloween: Day of Sacrifice

Whether or not this particular story is true, many people around the world (including law enforcement) continue to report similar stories of ritual abuse and sacrifice (ritual killings), as well as abductions (kidnappings / missing people and animals) days ahead for this purpose.  Of course, you can find stories of sacrifice in ancient and holy texts.  Today, annual Halloween celebrations look innocent enough.  However, October 31 is an important occult day of the year.  Some report it to be the most Satanic high holy day of the year, which include the several days leading up to Halloween and a few days afterwards — from perhaps October 22 (or even as early as October 13) through November 4 or 5.  From different accounts, human and animal sacrifices related to the Halloween holiday are not limited to October 31.  Of course, ritual killings are also connected to other dates as well.  For a collection of calendars listing occult dates, check:  “Difficult Dates” and List of Satanic Holidays.

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