Britney Spears: MK-Ultra (Monarch Programming) Exposed

Below is the full video, “MK-Ultra (Monarch Programming) Exposed.”  Part 1 of the video was posted earlier on this website in 3 sections.  It’s basically a description of MK-Ultra and an interesting (rather convincing) theory that Michael Jackson was a Monarch slave.  Part 2 (starting at 33:00), looks at Disney’s dark influence, as well as to theorize that Britney Spears is another Monarch slave.  For those of you who are already acquainted with some of this information about Disney, Part 2 may seem slow; but then it gets better as it gets into Britney Spears.  (Part 2 can also be found on YouTube in another 3 sections.  However, one of those sections is missing sound.  Therefore, if you only want to view Part 2 of this video, just start at 33:00.)

Truth777Exposed – Blogspot
Truth777Exposed – YouTube

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