I Was A CIA Sex Slave (Brice Taylor)

Mind controlled slaves are NOT just celebrities….  This kind of thing is NOT just fiction from books and movies!  It really happens!

You might also read Brice Taylor Interview by Illuminati News.  There’s more on the Internet.  Of course, for detailed information, check out Brice Taylor’s books!

Brice Taylor’s story is so difficult to believe that many scoff and laugh this off.  And, so, this type of abuse and slavery thrives — it continues to be covered up and perpetuated in secret.  Even well-meaning watchdogs, like Black Child (YouTube Channel) — who, apparently, have some insight into ritual abuse / mind control slavery — often point the finger right back at the victims.  So, victims are vilified even by those with some understanding, while the victims play the roles that they were programmed to do.  This blame-the-victim clearly demonstrates either a coordinated cover-up or simply a lack of real understanding about the nature of ritual abuse / mind control and how well those techniques have been perfected over time.  OK, perhaps some young wannabe entertainers naively chose this path; but surely they didn’t understand the “fine print.”  However,  there are MANY MORE non-Hollywood RA/MC victims, who have been and are now being subjected to this abuse from a very young age (often from age 3 and younger).

Regardless, ritual abuse / mind control has been perfected SO well that slaves rarely ever get free.  Instead, they’re unconsciously caught in a spider’s web (which is one symbol for this, by the way).  They’re turned into robotic slaves, who are NEVER supposed to remember their programming or be capable of escape.  However, if they do start to “break programming,” attempts are made by “the cult” to capture them and update their programming.  “Survivors” are programmed to “suicide” anyway (or they’re killed, some say).  At the very least, new survivors are mentally incapacitated / confused / vulnerable for quite a while.  It’s very obvious that the number of RA/MC “survivors” are very few indeed.  There are even fewer survivors who ever get to the same healthy place that Brice Taylor did — fully integrated again.  To do that, she had to work unbelievably hard and long (literally years) to get there — and figure out how to remain “safe” at the same time.

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