Ritual Abuse 101

Much of the mind control information available on this site and elsewhere is about “soft” mind control.”  That’s very different from the “up-close” mind-control methods used in ritual abuse.  So, if you’d like some clarity on “ritual abuse / mind control” (MK Ultra, etc.), check out this article:

“Report of the Ritual Abuse Task Force Los Angeles County Commission for Women”

This is an excepted definition of ritual abuse:

“Ritual abuse is a brutal form of abuse of children, adolescents, and adults, consisting of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse, and involving the use of rituals.  Ritual does not necessarily mean satanic.  However, most survivors state that they were ritually abused as part of satanic worship for the purpose of indoctrinating them into satanic beliefs and practices.  Ritual abuse rarely consists of a single episode.  It usually involves repeated abuse over an extended period of time. The physical abuse is severe, sometimes including torture and killing.  The sexual abuse is usually painful, sadistic, and humiliating, intended as means of gaining dominance over the victim.  The psychological abuse is devastating and involves the use of ritual/indoctrination, which includes mind control techniques and mind altering drugs, and ritual/intimidation which conveys to the victim a profound terror of the cult members and of the evil spirits they believe cult members can command.  Both during and after the abuse, most victims are in a state of terror, mind control, and dissociation in which disclosure is exceedingly difficult.”

To give you an idea of what is discussed in this article, here are the headings and subheadings:

  • Definitions – Concise; Descriptive
  • Kinds of Abuse – Psychological; Some Reported Examples; Physical Abuse; More Detectable Examples; Sexual Abuse
  • Glossary – Birthing Ritual; Child Sexual Offenders; Consent, Cult-Destructive; Demons and Evil Spirits; Disclosure; Dissociation; Extrafamilial Sexual Abuse of Children; Intrafamilial Sexual Abuse of Children [Incest]; Magic Surgery; Marriage Ritual; Multiple Personality Disorder; Occultism; Pedophile; Pentagram; Perpetrator of Ritual Abuse; Pornography; Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; Sacrifice; Satan; Satanism; Satanic Alphabet; Satanic Calendar; Trance State; Victims of Ritual Abuse — Young Children; Witchcraft
  • Groups Identified With Satanism
  • Ritual Abuse and the Use of Mind Control:  Physical Conditions – Hunger and Thirst; Pain; Drugs; Exhaustion; Isolation; Sexual Abuse; Bright Lights
  • Ritual Abuse and the Use of Mind Control:  Emotional Conditions – Terror; Guilt and Shame; Emotional Isolation and Despair; Rage
  • Ritual Abuse and the Use of Mind Control:  Cognitive Conditions – Lack of Information; Confusion
  • The Role of Trance States
  • Emotional Consequences of ritual abuse and mind control for both adult and child survivors – Terror; Guilt and Fear of Discovery; Loneliness; Identification with the Group and a Sense of Personal Badness; Rage over Victimization; Loss of Sense of Self; Absence of Free Will
  • Cognitive Beliefs imparted by ritual abuse and mind control, seen in both adults and child survivors – The Cult Completely Controls Me; There Is No Escape; I Am Incapable of Protecting Myself; The Cult Is My Only True Family; Memories Are Dangerous; Disclosures Are Dangerous
  • Religious Beliefs imparted by ritual abuse and mind control, seen in both adult and child survivors – Satan Is Stronger than God; God Does Not Love Me; God Wants to Punish Me; My Life Is Controlled by Satan; My Life Is Dedicated to Satan

“Report of the Ritual Abuse Task Force Los Angeles County Commission for Women”

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2 Responses to Ritual Abuse 101

  1. Thanks for posting this. Please see my own blog for information regarding first hand knowledge of ritual abuse in the UK. Thanks.

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