What’s Up with Hello Kitty?

Below is a MAC Cosmetics advertisement using an Alice in Wonderland theme and Hello Kitty images.  (MAC Cosmetics and Hello Kitty have been in a business partnership for a few years now.)  The second video is an analysis of possible ritual abuse references contained in the MAC ad.  Although all the symbolism cannot be verified, some of the scenes in this MAC ad are a bit creepy and dark with sexual references.  The meaning of the scenes are obscure, to say the least…. unless you know about ritual abuse (trauma-based mind control).  If you’re interested in ritual abuse (MK-Ultra, Monarch, etc.), this analysis is worth watching.  If this is indeed a story of ritual (and sexual) abuse, then, as you watch it, remember that this was shown on our television sets for all to see, even if the majority didn’t understand what they were viewing.

Here is the link to Black Tar Heroin:  Movie Trailer, which was mentioned in the analysis.  If you’d like to learn more about the sexual abuse alluded to in the above analysis, you might follow the link below.  The linked article is about Alice in Wonderland programming (trauma-based ritual abuse) and ritual sodomy.  Although the article is well-written, it’s “mature” material, so consider yourself forewarned.  This blogger cannot verify all the details of this article.  However, this kind of sexual abuse (sodomy) is part of ritual abuse (used in programming), including that of very young children — both boys and girls.  Also, note that there are color differences (pink vs. orange) between those mentioned in the analysis above and the article below.  Interestingly, this MAC ad uses both colors.

“Part 76 – The Sodomite Gateway – Alice in Wonderland’s Orange Marmalade”

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