“I Wanna Go” by Britney Spears – A Look @ Symbology

The music video, “I Wanna Go,” has so many occult symbols and “Monarch” references that you have to slow down the video to see and comprehend them all.  The first video below is the original music video, which has a snappy tune with what appears to be fun, mindless action.  However, below Britney’s music video is an analysis of the symbology contained in “I Wanna Go.”  It’s obvious this person slowed down the video AND had studied both occult symbology and ritual abuse.   Whether all of the analysis is accurate or not, it’s still an interesting viewpoint — that these references were not accidental and have hidden meanings.  This analysis is only a highlighting, though, as some common symbology was not identified, such as columns and numerology.  What else do you see?  By the way, this video is like so many others that tell a similar story — in other words, “insider” entertainment specifically targeted to “those in the know” (perpetrators of this type of abuse).

This analysis is listed on AmIMeToday YouTube Channel, which uses a monarch butterfly as its icon.  There are only two videos on this channel.  The other is “WHO AM I?  [Short Film].”  This short video tells a story of trauma-based mind control, in particular Satanic Ritual Abuse.  It may look simple and amateurish to some, but I think it’s actually clever.  Interestingly, there are no film credits whatsoever.

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