Ritual Abuse: Helping Victims & Survivors (Ellen Lacter)

This is just one of the online radio interviews with Dr. Ellen Lacter, a licensed clinical psychologist in the U.S.  For many years now, she has worked with survivors of ritual abuse and mind control (RA/MC).  Dr. Lacter also writes, speaks and teaches about RA/MC.  She is a passionate advocate for survivors!  So, if you’re interested in learning (or learning more) about RA/MC, this is a down-to-earth and informative interview from a well-respected therapist.

WARNING:  This information can be triggering for survivors of RA/MC.  Therefore, survivors should be extremely cautious and may want to hear or learn this material with or through a trusted person, such as a therapist.

Dr. Lacter’s website is EndRitualAbuse.org, which is a treasure trove of resources and other information for both RA/MC survivors and therapists!  You can also find other interesting and helpful information by Dr. Lacter through an Internet search.

NOTE:  Some of the info in this interview is about geographic locations where abuse has been reported or suspected, as well as possible abuser (“cult”) organizations.  To survivors, this can feel like welcomed confirmation — so much so, in fact, that they might find themselves wanting to chase exact names and places related to their abuse.  It’s normal and natural to want to know.  However, brand-new survivors are warned against becoming derailed by spending too much time on this.  In my experience and humble opinion, this can ramp up internal anxiety and delay initial crisis management.  Most details are time consuming to research and nearly impossible to track anyway.  The abusers and abuser groups made (and still do make) very serious efforts to ensure that their evil deeds remain an underground secret.

For new survivors, the desired end-result of healing from this type of extreme abuse is healing, which includes healing emotionally, mentally and spiritually…. while de-programming.  Unfortunately, healing from RA/MC is not a quick or easy process!  One way to heal is to connect with reputable, helpful therapists (the very few who know how to and/or are willing to work with RA/MC survivors) and legitimate RA/MC support groups and individuals.

With that being said, there is a website that provides some information about locations of abuse.  That website is out of Canada and is entitled Persons Against NST Non-State Torture Including Ritual-Abuse Torture (RAT).  It has a number of resources and other information, including an international RAT Map, which, by the way, is only able to hold 100 submissions at a time.  The information is shared by survivors, so it’s not extensive, nor is it verified information.  However, you can check the  map for recently submitted locations and even add your own information (anonymously, if you prefer).  You can also read earlier written submissions at the RAT Map main page.

Bottom line:  Brand-new survivors are gently suggested to stay focused on the ultimate goal of healing.  Through healing, at least some of this hidden information will become apparent to you anyway.  For a few survivors, memory recall seems to happen quickly and dramatically, while others take years and may never recall all of it.  You might eventually be able to track down some of the actual facts, too; and, if so, yes, that can be a relief (of sorts) and a healing.  However, even if you can’t “prove it” — especially if the abuse happened many years ago — you can still know it for yourself through memories, flashbacks, therapy and more.

If you’re interested, you can always join the growing ranks of other survivors, who will have somewhat similar stories.  You’ll be welcomed by survivors and survivor-advocates.  These individuals and organizations may also be able to provide you with some helpful resources and research information. 

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