Healing from Ritual Abuse & Mind Control (Trish Fotheringham)

Below is a clip from an interview with Trish Fotheringham, a survivor of ritual abuse / mind control (RA/MC).  The interviewer is licensed psychologist, Dr. Ellen Lacter.  In this interview, Fotheringham shares some of her early experiences as a “survivor” — in other words, at that point when her programming started to fail and she began recovering memories.  If you’re a RA/MC survivor and looking for help, this video may serve as confirmation.  It also offers some ideas for healing.

Please keep in mind, though, that each survivor’s RA/MC history and length of healing can be very different.  So, perhaps some of this video information may ring true or be helpful to you, while other parts may not.  You will need to discover your own story and your own best healing journey.

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