Ritual Abuse Survivor with 22 Personalities (Jenny Hill)

This is an interesting story — with an unusual twist — about a ritual abuse survivor, Jenny Hill.  Judy Byington is a retired therapist (retired social worker), who published a book about it in 2012 entitled, TWENTY-TWO FACES.  Byington is Hill’s friend and biographer.  Hill, Byington and the book have been highly praised.  It’s noteworthy that the book’s foreword was written by Colin A. Ross, MD, a well-respected psychiatrist, who is considered an expert at various aspects of ritual abuse, as well as DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly referred to as Multiple Personality Disorder or MPD).  The book’s website lists endorsements, which include two presidents (one is Colin Ross) of the highly-regarded ISSTD (International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation).

On the other hand, it’s normal that any information attesting to the reality of ritual abuse information is attacked and attempts made to discredit it.  And TWENTY-TWO FACES has also been viciously attacked.  Just check out the reviews about the book on Amazon.com, and you’ll see almost 1:1 polar opposites:  very negative comments (1 out of 5 stars) from detractors vs. very positive comments (5 out of 5 stars) from actual survivors and others knowledgeable about ritual abuse.  Even if you discount the spiritual aspects of this story, that’s such a notable dichotomy of opinions that some believe Byington “hit a nerve” by reporting details about the “inconvenient truth” of ritual abuse.


“What do Rosanne Barr, Herschel Walker, J. Hill and 2,186 others have in common?”

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2 Responses to Ritual Abuse Survivor with 22 Personalities (Jenny Hill)

  1. Thank you for your post. Publication of 22 Faces has brought me in touch with so many wonderful ritual abuse survivors like Jenny. Please consider signing our petition. We are approaching members of Congress for another investigation. The more we can make the public aware of ritual abuse, the more children we can save from the torture. http://www.change.org/petitions/us-congress-survivors-request-investigation-cia-mind-control-of-children

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