Exposing the Satanic Underground (Geraldo Rivera)

Below is The Geraldo Rivera [TV] Show (from October 1988?), which is entitled, “Devil Worship:  Exposing Satan’s Underground.”  This is one archival record of what is referred to as the “Satanic panic” of the 1980’s.  This is a interesting program with many surprising guests and clips.  This is a classic about occultism, Satanism, ritual abuse and related gruesome crimes.  However, after the airing of this program, Rivera experienced public ridicule and a huge backlash.  Detractors have described this particular program  as overly dramatic, sensational, outrageous, unsupported, fictional, poorly researched, and irresponsible journalism.  Survivors of ritual abuse, along with some others, know there is truth to this program.

Starting at around 1:16:38, you can find therapists briefly talking about the threats (including death threats) they received by working with ritual abuse survivors.  This helps to explain the lack of knowledge and training in this area today.   This is also why there are so few therapists who willing to help ritual abuse survivors.

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