Ritual Child Abuse in France (Documentary)

This is an excellent documentary about ritual abuse.  These accounts are similar to other ritual abuse stories.

“Interesting, but shocking, German documentary that delves into three cases of child abuse in France.  Three victims, ‘Deborah’, ‘Robbert’ and ‘Noemi’, tell about their experiences of abuse and how they were molested in a pedophile network.  The two girls and the boy’s stories are horrible beyond imagination — not only involving abuse, but also child-murders, infant sacrifices and instances of cannibalism.  It’s tempting to dismiss their stories as the product of imagination, given the trauma they have been through; but it should be stated that these testimonies are very similar to what the ‘X-witnesses’ in the Dutroux affair claimed.”

For more description, go directly to this video on YouTube.

WARNING:  This is a graphic video about the horrific abuse and murder of children.

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5

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