Johnny Gosch & the Sex Trafficking Business (US)

Johnny Gosch is the boy on the far right in this photo.

Since 1982, Johnny Gosch’s mother, Noreen Gosch, has remained persistently outspoken about the disappearance of her son.  Over the years, Johnny’s case has been connected to other missing children and to both ritual abuse and sex trafficking (like the Franklin Scandal).  It has been theorized that Johnny was kidnapped by a very large sex trafficking network, which some have connected to high officials in the US government.  It has been additionally theorized that some of these children are used for more than just the sex trade.

This 30+ year-old story has many interesting twists and turns.  For example, Noreen Gosch encountered a remarkable lack of assistance from law enforcement, as well as death threats.  She has had different detractors, who have attempted to stop her from talking and to publicly erode her credibility.  And there’s much more.  Even if only some of what she reports is true, the Johnny Gosch story has exposed a huge spiderweb of evil underground activity, which is difficult to ignore.

Note the information on the 2011 video below, which reads “Every day 2,300 people go missing in the US….”

Part 2 and Part 3

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“Johnny Gosch, Kidnapped Child, Connection to Franklin Case”

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