Doctor Stole & Trafficked Newborns (China)

Zhang Shuxia stands trial in Weinan Intermediate People's Court in Weinan, Shaanxi province, 30 December 2013

There are at least two 12/31/13 online articles about this story.  One is by BBC News, “China doctor tried for trafficking babies.”  The other is by The Huffington Post, “Chinese Doctor Kidnapped, Sold Babies; Could Face Death Penalty.”  People can point to China and think, “Yeah, that’s China….”; but this doesn’t just happen in China.  Trafficking of infants doesn’t just happen by doctors.  This kind of crime certainly isn’t new.  Over time, it’s not been that uncommon.  Trafficking of people at any age is a very old and very big business — all over the world…. but especially of helpless infants and children, who are used for different types of slavery and other reasons.

What seems ironic about this particular case is that it IS from China.  This a country known for its strict government limit of the number of children born to a couple.  Violations come with high fines, as well as seizure of over-the-limit children by officials.  This government rule has resulted in desperate action by some parents, such as abortions and the sale of their own babies for adoption.  Adoption of Chinese girls to people from other countries, such as the US, is well known.  Abortion has been a booming business in China.

And then, starting over a decade ago , there were the stories of aborted babies and placentas being sold as edible, powerful delicacies in China.  Unbelievably, there’s even been an “artistic” angle to this by way of “performance art.”  (You are warned against researching that particular story due to the graphic visual images.)  Again, cannibalism — and cannibalism of fetuses — isn’t new.  It doesn’t just happen in China.

So, the background behind this news story has many layers, including extensive corruption.  The situation has apparently led to a large degree of desensitization in China about disposal of fetuses and infants.  And, yet, now we read that this trafficker (a doctor) might actually get the death sentence.  Of course, she lied to parents, which is, without a doubt, a crucial point.  (She was accused by some of stealing additional infants, which was allegedly not investigated.)  What’s really interesting, though, is that it appears that a number of other, “sophisticated” countries — without government restrictions on births and related issues — have quite similar crimes and actions, which you don’t hear much about.

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