Traditional Indian Will Not Reform

Thank you to:  Ben Carnes for the photo.  Check out this page on his Facebook account.

If you’re having trouble reading the back of this t-shirt, it says:


  • Will not abandon traditional beliefs.
  • Will not give up native language.
  • Will not be forced to cut hair.
  • Will not be oppressed.
  • Will not obtain permit to hunt and fish.
  • Will not celebrate Columbus Day.

Tradition is important to American Indians (“Native Americans”).  For example, there is good reason why they keep their hair long — and not cut it.  Indians feel insulted that they have to get a license to fish and hunt on their native land, which was taken from them.  And, Indians were in the US long before Columbus “discovered” it — this same European who was responsible for massive Native genocide.  There is so much more to this story!

This kind of pride and similar history applies to so many other cultural and indigenous groups around the world, who are trying to cling to their heritage.  It is proposed here that this Native heritage and respect for “tradition” is a healthy and valuable one, from which all of us can benefit!  This Earth needs them!  Some of us ARE them…. are descendants (full or part).  And our souls and the souls of our ancestors still remember.  We still notice, and we’re deeply saddened.

“Why I’m An Indian—not ‘Native American'”

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1 Response to Traditional Indian Will Not Reform

  1. Grace says:

    where can I buy this shirt cant find it anywhere!

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