The End of Life Is To Be Like God (Socrates)

“The end of life is to be like God,

and the soul following God will be like Him.”

~ Socrates

This is an interesting quote, eh?   It’s an excellent example of “meaning” and “interpretation.”  Most of us think we’re all referring to the same “God,” “Him,” “Lord,” “Light,” etc.  But we’re not…. because there’s more than one “God,” you know.  This misunderstanding happens all the time — among different religions, in the same religion and even within the smaller organized groups.  Polytheism didn’t go out of favor — some of it just went underground.  Much of it is hidden in plain sight.  And it appears all “gods” like to be known as the “true God.”

So, which “God” are we really talking about here?  Well, that partly depends on youyour definition.  Therefore, it’s smart to do your own research — even alternative research — instead of just letting other people and groups “feed” you with their information.  Your own research can be time-consuming and soul-searching.  It can easily take decades.

In my humble opinion, it’s soul-critical to be very clear within yourself about your God and the “team” you choose.  In that way, you can also better discern which “god(s)” others are referring to and better understand the environment you’re in and the company you’re keeping.  Of course, all of this can be very tricky indeed; and many are deceived.  Some say that’s intentional.

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