World Order & Occultism (Japan)

If you haven’t already heard of the popular, former professional fighter, Genki Sudo (“We Are All One”), or his music group, World Order, then you’re in for a surprise.  Sudo’s World Order music videos are imaginative, upbeat and humorous!  The physical movements are rather unique to the West, although they follow the huge popularity of synchronized walk and dance events in Japan and a number of other countries.  World Order’s techno music and robotic movements — as well as photography that capitalizes on “normal, everyday” bystanders — is a fun, refreshing experience!

You might note that at least some of the World Order videos incorporate a great deal of occult (hidden) symbology.  Some of the references are easily recognizable, while others are definitely more obscure (unless you’ve studied symbolism, which is recommended).  The symbolism tends to be creative and clever, such as in “Change Your Life.”  In that video, the storyline itself, the pyramid shape of the stacked glasses and the different colors (red, purple, purple/red, red/black) are just some of the occult symbolism.  In different World Order videos, it’s interesting to see how many Obelisks (phallic shapes), pyramids (triangles) and references to light or “illumination” you can find.

The two music videos in this particular posting are obvious support for the Illuminati.  For example, near the start of the video above, “Permanent Revolution,” you can see the prominent Freemasonry symbol on a building.  The lyrics include “Keep walking to a single world.”  In the music video below, “Imperialism,” Illuminati references are blatant, such as the featuring of the New World Order speech by George Bush, Sr.  This second video was filmed in Washington, DC, and uses Illuminati symbolism all throughout.  (Washington, DC, is known for its extensive occult symbolism.)

There are so many occult references in these and other World Order videos that it would take too long to point them out in this one posting.  Below, though, is an interview with World Order, where they are asked about their intent behind “Imperialism.”  In the end, Sudo’s response is vague and can actually be interpreted in different ways, depending on the listener.  In the meantime, the real message can be found in the hand positioning in this video (and at least a couple of others, like the hand over the heart in “Mind Shift”), which are clear Illuminati and Masonic hand signals to insiders “in the know.”

MTV81, “Living the Dream, Again” – Segment 1
MTV81, “Parody, Profit and Emotion” – Segment 2
MTV81 Photos:  Behind the Scenes With World Order

“Genki Sudo and the Occult”
“Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) This is why I like it, Genki Sudo’s World Order”
“Review/Analysis/NewbieFanPost: GENKI SUDO.  World Order.  Mind Shift.”

Even the slow, robotic (unnatural, transhumanist?) movements of World Order band members — against the normal speed of the surroundings — causes the mind to focus and take in more information.  And some of that information is subliminal occult, Left Hand Path symbolism.  Regardless, the videos are unique, fun and funny, eh?  And, to be candid, the members of World Order are “eye candy” for some viewers.  So, if you want yet more Genki Sudo and (One) World Order, below are their official websites:

World Order YouTube Channel
Official Facebook PageOfficial

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