Invisibly Visible – Identifying Masonic Symbols

This is a 25-minute description of Masonic history and symbolism, which is interesting and easy to understand.  It also includes down-to-earth interviews with local religious leaders representing Islam, Christian Catholicism and Judaism.

Part 2 and Part 3

This is an older video, which was uploaded to YouTube in 2007.   The presentation ends inside a Catholic Church, which is amusing, especially since abuse has been historically connected to both Freemasonry and the Catholic Church for a very long time now.  Since 2007, there have been more and more public allegations of widespread abuse via the Vatican and some Catholic Churches.  Also, it is noteworthy that both Freemasonry and the Catholic Church share some commonalities, including symbolism.  Most interestingly, the Vatican has continued to uphold a centuries-old ban on Freemasonry membership by Catholics, while there have been concerns and loud rumors for some long time now of a Masonic infiltration into the Catholic Church.

For more information about Freemasonry, check out:
International Men’s Organisation / Masonic Mafia
Other Websites for Freemasonry and Conspiracy Watch

For more on Catholic and Freemasonry connections, you might check:
“A List of Masons in the Hierarchy of the Catholic Church”
“Ask a Freemason: Do Freemasons Accept Catholics”
“Masonic Lodge in Italy appoints Catholic priest as chaplain, claims ‘openness’ to Catholic Church”
“Proof Pope Ratzinger is a Freemason” (Vimeo)
Freemasonry Hand Grip  (See bottom left of page for 2 images.)

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