Hollywood Satanism: The Sacrifice

“Hollywood Satanism; Trayvon Martin;
Rituals; Blood Sacrifice.”

This is an interesting video by Black Child Production.  It’s also a raw, blunt and painful video to watch.  And, people are named.  Does it contain outrageous slander?  If it does, it simply repeats and summarizes information that’s already been out there for some long while now and from a number of different sources.  There’s no new content here!  Still, it’s not at all mainstream info; and the content is controversial!

If you have difficulty with this topic — only want to think about and see the “pleasant” things in life — then pass this one up!  However, if you’re willing to look — even for the purposes of protection via awareness — then you might consider checking out this 13-minute video.  If you do, look for the subtleties, too, like the groupings of people, the expression in people’s eyes, and occult symbolism and hand signals.

Is this presentation full of harsh opinions, paranoia, overly-active imaginations, and/or crazy “conspiracy theories” with a Christian theme?  Are these activities really just misunderstood fun and innocent entertainment?  Or, is this a view of the growing “dark side” that’s already become blatant, even for Hollywood / elite OUTsiders and other “regular” people?  For some, this is their reminder of the descriptions from sacred and ancient texts — of different faiths — which warn that good vs. evil (“spiritual warfare”) is not a myth but an actual ongoing situation.  You decide, of course.  There will be believers and disbelievers on all sides.

Black Child YouTube Channel

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